Deworming Medication For Adults in Nigeria

Should adults be dewormed? Are children the only group that should be dewormed? What is the best deworming medication for adults in Nigeria? These and more are questions that many Nigerians are asking. if you have been asking these questions, then I employ you to read through this article and thank me later.

Believe it or not, worms (helminths) which could include whipworms (Trichuris trichuria) roundworms (Ascaris lumbricoides), or hookworms are among the major reasons for infectious diseases in animals, and humans, especially children. These worms are soil-transmitted. Learn more about Helminths (Parasitic Worms) & How They Affect You from our previous post.

They could be a result of inadequate sanitation,  contaminated food, undercooked meat, or contaminated water. Worms may be strictly intestinal which may not be very critical or in worse cases crawl for whatever reasons and impede the lymph making disease conditions even worse.

Risks Associated with Worms

 Just as stated earlier, worms are one of the major reasons for infections all over the world. Retarded growth,  weight loss, and poor performance of children are also causes of worm infections. Worms in the body compete for vitamin A in the intestine. These are responsible for certain eyeworms.

How Do You Know You Have Worms

Intestinal worms may show signs of abdominal bloating, diarrhea with blood, an itchy stomach, a sensation of crawls in the stomach, in children, symptoms like anal itches, and even allergic reactions like dry cough and skin rashes.

Why it is Important to Deworm?

It is of great importance to deworm in order to improve good health and avoid abdominal hospital emergencies, especially in children. Children who exhibit chronic worm infections suffer immensely. 

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In adults, however, the chances of worm infections are slimmer than those of kids. Except in cases where these infections build up from childhood to adult age. It is important to deworm and take off these worms from the body system.

It enables the body to make use of its nutrients effectively. In some cases though, intestinal infections could be more dangerous in adults than in children especially if the person suffers from amoeba-related infections as they can develop into liver and brain complications. See the full Health Benefits of Deworming Regularly for Adults.

Should Children be The Only Ones to get Dewormed

Deworming is not an act for children alone, adults especially those showing symptoms of mild infections or chronic infections like abdominal pain, diarrhea,  vomiting sensation of abdominal bloating. Children and adults alike should consider deworming at intervals.

How often should one deworm?

The risk of getting worms when eating undercooked food, contaminated meals, or contaminated water is not overlooked. It is therefore essential to take deworming tablets. Children under the age of five are more susceptible to germs and should be dewormed every three months.

Deworming should be done at least twice a year.  But in complicated cases, like one developing worm-related sickness, then it is advisable to deworm more often. Ideally, we advise deworming once every three months so as not to allow for diseases caused by worms. Deworming should not only be done when it has resulted in sickness.

Deworming Medication For Adults in Nigeria

Whatever it is you do, do not forget to deworm yourself and your children the use of Deworming tablets provides a cure and gets rid of worms but does not prevent the acquisition of these worms.

  • OTC drugs like albendazole, mebendazole, and niclosamide may be used.
  • Natural remedies like the seeds of pawpaw,  pineapple fruit, lemon/banana juice, and even pumpkin.
  • 2 tablespoons of castor  oil daily or turmeric tablets may also help to deworm the system
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Please note, Before taking any of the above-listed medications, get in touch with your Doctor or Pharmacist. You can contact us also.


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