15 Lemon Seed Benefits and Side Effects

The lemon seed benefits and side effects can only manifest when lemon fruit is consumed. Normally, when we eat fruit, we tend the leave the seeds. This also applies to lemon seeds. Every part of the lemon fruit is medicinal.

It cures a variety of ailments especially scurvy even though it is not yet proven to be true. It can also fulfill the function of an additive in food. Some believe that consumption of lemon seed is dangerous but in reality, they are ignorant of the health benefit of lemon seed. Some deliberately leave it out so as not to affect the sweet taste of the lemon juice itself.

The constituent of nutrients in the lemon seed is the same as lemon juice which are carbohydrate, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, choline, vitamin C, selenium, calcium, potassium, vitamin A and lutein.

Lemon Seed Benefits and Side Effects

Learn about the lemon seed benefit as explained below.

Prevent fungal infection

People who are suffering from athletic foot, candidiasis, nail fungus, and other fungi infections affecting the extremities all fall in this category.

Lemon seed is beneficial to them because it is effective against all forms of fungal infection. The essential oil extracted from the lemon seed is believed to stop skin itching and burning of toes.

Skin Care

One of the lemon seed benefits is that it is rich in antioxidants just like the fruit itself. If included in a skincare product, it helps the skin to maintain its radiant and glowing nature, wrinkle-free and younger skin.

The health benefit of lemon seed is also enhanced by essential oil present in the lemon seed. Antioxidants in the lemon seed can also get rid of acne and pimples from the face due to their ability to control infection.

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Removal of Threadworm

Threadworms are known for their ability to deprive babies of their growth. They are typically based in the intestinal wall. So the lemon seed is beneficial by using it as a dewormer which is as effective as the normal medications.

This can be achieved by blending the lemon seed. Then you boil it using either milk or water. This will easily eliminate the threadworms from the stomach.

Alleviate Pain

Lemon seed is very rich in salicylic acid which helps to combat body pain and headache. Salicyclic acid is also present in aspirin medication which people are very familiar with.

This is what makes it an effective painkiller. Using lemon seeds to alleviate pain is one of the benefits of lemons seed. Endeavor to always eat lemon seed along with its fruit as it is the easiest method of alleviating pain.

Treatment of Bacterial Infection

It is very easy to cure urinary tract infections with lemon seed as it is known to have antibacterial properties. Even if the bacteria are resistant to antibiotics, lemon seeds can combat it.

Weight Control

Studies have shown that when lemon and its seed are taken on an empty stomach, it burns stomach fat and reduces weight.


Even though lemon seed has a sour taste, when consumed together with lemon it removed toxins from the body. The health benefit of lemon seed here is that as it removes toxins from the body, it promotes a healthy lifestyle.

No matter how much seed you remove from lemon, you are only wasting the beneficial part of the fruit. Try as much as possible to always eat lemon seed frequently with its fruit to that the body would be lessened of the toxin in it.

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It Cures Anemia

The health benefit of lemon seed in the blood is derived from the vitamin c nutrients that it supplies vitamin c  into the blood.

Vitamin C absorbs iron from the diet that we eat and the function of diet in the body is that it increases the production of red blood cells which supply oxygen to a different part of the body.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Studies also show that people who drink lemon with its blended seed have normal blood pressure just like pearl millet, although it is not proven yet.

The health benefit of lemon seed is that the vitamins it contains help to relax the blood vessels and regulate blood pressure In adults, it lowers the systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Mosquito Repellant

The lemon fragrance in lemon seed helps to chase mosquitoes away. Mosquito dislike lemon scent which is why it is mostly used as a repellant.

It Aids Digestion

It is believed that lemon seeds usually stimulate the liver to secrete bile but this fact is yet to be proven. The fiber present in lemon seed enhances bowel movement and makes digestion easier and faster.

Boost Immunity

Lemon seed is very rich in vitamin C just like the fruit itself. Vitamin C helps boost the immune system which makes the body to be able to fight against infections.

Another health benefit of lemon seed is that vitamin C contains white blood cell production which defends the body against infection.

PH Balance

Intake of lemon seed juice help to create a balance between the acidity and alkalinity of the body which is also a health benefit of lemon seed. It is advisable to take at least a glass of lemon seed juice daily.

Prevent Kidney Stone

The health benefit of lemon seeds is that when eaten along with lemon fruit, it binds with calcium which prevents stone formation within the kidney. Studies reveal that the presence of citrate in urine is defective for preventing kidney stones.

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Pleasant scent

The lemon scent in lemon seed serves many purposes. It is usually employed in aromatherapy to elevate mood and also as a mosquito repellant. the lemon scent is beneficial to cosmetic products as it gives an enchanting scent.

The Side Effects of Lemon Seed

Too much of everything is not good. The same applies to lemon seed, it should be used moderately to prevent the side effects of lemon seed from manifesting. It is contraindicated in people having ulcer and irritable bowel syndrome. Below are the side effects of lemon seed:


If lemon and its seed are taken in large quantity it can cause dehydration as such individuals will be having frequent urination.

Erosion of Teeth

Exposure of teeth to acidic content like a lemon seed can result in erosion of the teeth. Frequent washing of the teeth is advisable, especially after the consumption of acidic food.

Stomach Pain

Indigestion and constipation can occur from excessive intake of lemon seed which in turn upset the stomach. That is why it is advisable to take the powdered lemon seed other than the grain.


Lemon seed benefits are vast and they should be included in one’s diet as one consumes lemon itself. It is nutritious and can be blended to a powder or eaten as it is. It can also be used in cosmetic products for its scent. Include lemon seeds. Include lemon seeds in your regimen and be glad you did so.


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