10 Amazing Benefits of Onion Juice with Honey

The benefits of onion juice with honey are numerous. They are medicinal and contain a huge amount of nutrient that strengthens the health of an individual. This justifies the advantage of taking raw onion daily.

Do you even know that onions belong to the genus Allium? Nutrients present in onion juice include carbohydrate, protein, phosphorus, iron, folate, fiber, calcium, vitamin B-6, vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium. Likewise, honey is rich in carbohydrates because of the percentage of sugar it contains.

Honey has been an antidote for a very long time. Onion is also present in various colors and subspecies which are:

Spring onion: It is usually available during the spring season just as its name implies. Spring onions are usually small with a round shape. It has comparable benefits with the other subspecies of onion.

Yellow onion: It has a brownish yellow membrane. It is the most popular of all the onions. It has a flavor(quercetin) in it which has an antioxidant effect.

White onion: It has a white paper membrane and is sweeter than the yellow onion but has a lesser amount of quercetin(antioxidant effect).

Red onion:  Anthocyanins are the pigments that give the onion its red color. It is also an additive in wine. Red onion has the highest amount of quercetin which eliminates inflammation from the body.

10 Amazing Benefits of Onion Juice with Honey

Below are onion juice and honey benefits

1. It Increases Hair Growth

Onion juice and honey have a high sulfur content which is known to increase hair growth. The presence of sulfur in onion juice with honey stimulates the increased secretion of collagen which promotes the growth of hair and nails.

Just like Moringa, They are scientifically proven to boost and improve hair growth. A mixture of both onion and garlic should be used to massage the hair scalp. When applied to the hair, it attracts blood to the hair follicle thereby supplying it with nutrients needed to thrive.

A combination of onion juice and honey has antimicrobial properties that cure hair loss infections. The mixture also keeps the hair shining, prevents hair from graying and itching. It is an added advantage for men who love the keep their beards as it increases beard growth.

It moisturizes the hair and heals the scalp. The availability of onion in every household has made it easily accessible.

2. Infection Control Properties

Studies have proved that onion juice and honey are antimicrobial properties that are effective against team-positive and gram-negative bacteria. If applied to the affected surface area, it eliminates the microbes.

3. It Strengthens the Skeletal System

Onion juice and honey benefit the skeletal system in the sense that it makes bone and teeth to be much stronger. Department of Agriculture in the USA confirmed that onion is 25.3mg of calcium richer. 

Magnesium and phosphorus are abundant in onion juice with honey thereby strengthening the bone when consumed. Studies also reveal its ability to boost bone density in menopausal women.

Consumption of onion juice and honey reduces the risk of bone fracture. The more onion juice and honey are drunk, the stronger the bone in the body.

4. It Removes Body Fat and Controls Weight

Onion juice and honey give an added advantage to ladies who desire to have a flat tummy or probably trying to reduce their weight. When consumed on an empty stomach, the quercetin flavor present in the juice helps to hasten metabolism and digestion.

It also burns the tummy fat making it the best and most easy to have the desired tummy size. The benefits of onion juice and honey consumption also entail keeping the stomach full due to the fiber content of the onion. This would prevent intake of other forms of calories thereby keeping the weight in check.

5. It Smoothens the Skin Surface

Onion juice and honey benefit the skin in such a way that they can be used as skin product ingredients. It is believed to have an anti-wrinkle property that removes wrinkles, smoothens the skin thereby giving it a younger texture.

Its antioxidant effect helps to reduce pimples and control facial oil. Onion Juice and honey have the potential to remove a dark spot from the face and reduce the postoperative scar. It gives the skin its radiant effect. It treats burns faster than wound dressing.

6. Improves the Cardiovascular System

Onion juice and honey are rich in potassium and other nutrients that help to develop the heart muscles. This brings about the contraction and relaxation of the heart. Onion contains low fat and low calories while honey has only high calories with no fat.

A mixture of both onion juice and honey balance the nutrient required for an effective blood flow in the body They both contain sulfur which prevents the clotting of blood (thrombosis) which in turn decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

As it is known to contain a low amount of fat, this also prevents fat embolism. Quercetin has an antihypertensive effect which makes it more effective than other supplements.

7. It Enhance Fertility and Performance

Incompetence in men does occur due to high blood sugar levels. The benefit of onion juice and honey here is that it reduces the sugar level which then increases blood flow and hormone secretion.

It increases testosterone levels and boosts libido in males which makes them last longer in bed. It also increases ovulation and promotes fertility in women.

8. It Aids Digestion of Food

The quantity of fiber in onion juice with honey is outstanding compared to other types of juice. This assists the bowel in breaking down food. 

Onion juice with honey increases enzyme secretion by the liver. Diabetes wouldn’t be a threat when the blood glucose is regulated by the consumption of onion drinks with honey.

9. Anti-Cancer Effect

The antioxidant in onion juice and honey prevents the abnormal multiplication of cells.  It boosts the body’s immunity which removes toxins from the body.

10. Eliminate Allergic Reactions

Onion juice and honey have an anti-inflammatory property (flavonoid) that relaxes the bronchi smooth muscles of asthmatic patients. The solution to cough, catarrh and chills can be derived from it.

Preparation of Onion Juice and Honey

This is usually prepared by blending a neatly peeled onion into a bowl. Add a little quantity of water and two teaspoons of honey. Your onion juice is then ready for consumption.


The nutrients derived from both the onion juice and honey complement one another to increase the body’s immunity.

Remember that the raw onion is more effective than the cooked one as the nutrients are still retained in it.


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