Current Cost of IVF With Recommended Centers in Nigeria

There is no way to determine the exact cost of IVF in Nigeria because there is no straightforward way to do it. The prices of IVF treatment are determined by the exact problem and the peculiar condition of the couple.

Despite how difficult it is, we have found a way to compile the average cost of IVF in Nigeria for you. Ensure you take your time to read it.

What is In-vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

In-vitro fertilization which is also known as IVF is one of the most efficient assisted reproductive techniques. It is used in helping infertile couples to give birth.

The procedure works by using the couple’s reproductive products; the female eggs and the male sperm to produce a baby outside the mother’s womb. Using various techniques and machines, the fertilized egg is placed back in the mother’s womb for growth.

The success rate of IVF which is 87% has influenced its popularity rate among Nigerians and some recommended IVF centers in Nigeria. Are you curious about what the present cost of IVF is in Nigeria? Continue reading to find out.

The Current Cost of IVF in Nigeria

The cost of IVF may range from N600,000 to N2 million depending on the hospital. Below is the full detailed cost of IVF treatment in Nigeria using Nordica, a private IVF center in Nigeria fees as an example.

  • A single cycle of IVF is N870,000
  • Two cycles of IVF is N1,260,000
  • Three cycles of IVF is N1,760,000
  • The fertility consultation fee with a specialist is N110,000
  • The Egg Screening test for the woman is N160,000
  • Egg Screening for a donor is N130,000
  • Assessment is N130,000
  • Surrogate Assessment is N120,000
  • Surrogate Sonography is N60,000
  • Surrogate with donor Drug is N1,200,000
  • IVF treatment for Surrogates is N1,520,000
  • Scheduling fees are N120,000
  • The legal fee Is N200,000
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Note: You may also need to carry out some other diagnostic tests like endoscopy, ovarian reserve testing, and so on.

In case you find Nordica and other private hospitals expensive, you can make use of some Federal Hospitals in Nigeria. Their rate is quite cheap between the range of N500,000 to N800,000.

Federal hospitals include;

  • National Hospital, Abuja
  • Lagos State University Teaching Hospital
  • University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital
  • University of Benin Teaching Hospital

Factors That Determine the Cost of IVF in Nigeria

As said earlier, there is no fixed cost of IVF treatment in Nigeria. This is because many factors affect the cost of the treatment and it varies from one couple to another. Below are some of the factors considered by hospitals before charging a couple for IVF procedures.

1. Age of the Couple

The success rate, as well as the cost of IVF treatment in Nigeria, is largely dependent on the Couple’s age. It is like normal reproduction; the younger the couple, the more fertile they are. The same thing applies to the success rate of IVF; the younger the couple, the higher the success rate and the lesser the cost.

The success rate of IVF for couples below 35 years of age is thought to range between 40-45% while for those between 35 to 39 years, it falls between 30-35%. Finally, couples above 40 years of age, have a success rate of 10%. Even though this doesn’t mean if you are above 40, the IVF won’t be successful.

2. Egg Donor/Surrogacy

For couples who are older, if their eggs or sperm are not viable enough to produce a child (embryo), they will need to seek a donor. This will also add to the cost of IVF treatment. But if the couples are younger, no additional fee will be added to the overall cost of the IVF procedure.

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Similarly, the same thing applies to surrogacy. If the woman’s womb is not fit enough to carry the fertilized embryo or the woman wishes for someone to carry it on her behalf. They will need to foot additional bills which leads to an increase in the price of the IVF procedure.

Note: The couple can bring a relative or friend who will donate eggs or sperm for them. Or better still get it from an unknown person. Just bear in mind that the cost of an unknown donor is far greater than a known donor.

3. Number of Cycles

The number of IVF cycles also determines the overall cost of IVF in Nigeria. Depending on the hospital and the peculiarities of your condition, a couple may undergo more than 2 to 3 cycles which indicates additional cost for the couple. For instance, a popular hospital, Nordica cycles packages range from N870,000 to N1,760,000 depending on the IVF cycle numbers.

4. Cost of Drugs

Of course, all medical procedures require drugs, and so do IVF. You will need to buy drugs and supplements for IVF which are quite expensive. The cost of drugs to be bought will depend on the hospital you are using. It may be as high as N150,000 or even more than that.

For people who intend to use a Surrogate, you will also need to buy additional drugs and supplements for the surrogate mother.

5. Freezing of Embryo

This is a necessary precautionary measure done during the IVF treatment to prevent wasting the couple’s money. Even though it may increase the cost of the IVF procedure in Nigeria, it increases the success rate.

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The embryo is frozen once the required eggs have been fertilized. This is to safeguard other eggs for reuse, in case, the fertilized egg refuses to grow.

6. Legal Fee

In-vitro fertilization requires effort, time, and money; hence it’s a stressful procedure. Hence, the a need for documentation of agreement as well as counsel.

So, you should budget for the legal fee also as you will need a legal service. Most hospitals will require you to pay the fee before proceeding with the treatment. It’s usually up to N150,000 or above.

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More on the IVF Prices in Nigeria

Apart from all the listed factors that can affect the cost of IVF in Nigeria, the duration used in carrying out the procedures also matters. On average, it takes between 4 to 8 weeks before it is completed. However, some hospitals will allow you to pay at least half of the money before they begin treatment.


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