Contact Details of All Teaching Hospitals in Lagos

Interestingly, the teaching hospitals in Lagos state, Nigeria are quite good as well as other facilities that Lagos state is endowed with.


Matters of health across the globe and in Nigeria to be precise are taken very seriously, and for this reason, the federal government of Nigeria has been doing great in providing the needed health facilities.

With the population in Lagos state Nigeria, it is undoubtedly why it has numerous teaching hospitals.


These hospitals, which are controlled by the federal and state governments, provide all the standard hospital services, as well as medical student education and research. Given that they are always an integral part of every institution in the nation, it is extremely simple to identify which hospitals in Nigeria are referred to as “teaching hospitals.”

Teaching hospitals, also known as university hospitals, collaborate closely with medical students at the universities to which they are affiliated to educate current and future healthcare professionals.

This occurs at least starting at their 200 Level when students must have finished mastering the fundamental medical sciences at Level 100. Before they can receive training in teaching hospitals at several universities in the nation, medical students must have attained the 300 Level.

In this article, the contact details of all the teaching hospitals in Lagos Nigeria are specified with their respective email addresses and mobile number. You will also know some key things about them and the major difference between them. Teaching hospitals are been operated by affiliated universities to train their students and research.


Teaching hospitals support the development of future top healthcare professionals by assisting medical students during their internship years.

Some teaching hospitals also provide residency programs for doctors, where recent medical school graduates train under a supervising doctor to help in care coordination. In the nation, a lot of university hospitals also function as research centres.


Enlisted below are the contact details of the two teaching hospitals in Lagos state Nigeria:


Contact Address: 1-5 Oba Akinjobi Road G.R.A, Ikeja,
Lagos, Nigeria.
Telephone No. & Fax No: +2349091481562, +2348057699802
E-mail: [email protected]
Hospital Website:


Contact Address: Ishaga Road, Idi-Araba, Lagos, Nigeria.
Telephone No: +2348070591472 (For CMAC) and +2348070591395 (For Corporate).
Hospital Website:


Many people still find it challenging to distinguish between LUTH and LASUTH. This is likely a result of the fact that both of these facilities are teaching hospitals that treat patients while educating future physicians from the affiliated universities. Furthermore, Lagos, Nigeria’s business district, is where both hospitals are situated.


Lagos Teaching Hospital is a leading tertiary hospital in Nigeria, with over 950 beds, forty-six (46) clinical departments, eighteen (18) non-clinical departments and outreach services in Yaba and Pakoto.

Currently, the hospital has more than two thousand three hundred (2,300) employees including consultants, residents/physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, medical laboratory scientists medics, nutritionists, hospital managers, engineers and other types of personnel.


LUTH stands for the University of Lagos Hospital. It is a federally owned teaching hospital, specially built by the Federal Government of Nigeria to specifically train medical students of the University of Lagos (UNILAG). LUTH is a referral centre for critically ill patients and is full of medical consultants.

Lagos Teaching Hospital (LUTH) is a tertiary hospital established in 1961 and located in Idi-Araba, Surulere, Lagos State, an administrative division of Nigeria.

The affiliated Teaching Hospital of the University of Lagos Medical School was established in 1962. The University of Lagos College of Medicine trains students and LUTH provides them with experience through internships and work experience.

LUTH is privileged to be the largest teaching hospital in Nigeria with a bedding capacity of 761. It serves about 25 million people in the state of Lagos.

The Teaching Hospital trains students of the University of Lagos College of Medicine in health, dentistry, pharmacology and other departments. It started in 1961 with 330 beds and today that number has grown to 761.


LASUTH stands for Lagos State Teaching Hospital. It is a state-owned teaching hospital established specifically by the Lagos State Government to train medical students at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital, as well as to serve as a medical research centre and centre Reference centre for critically ill patients. At LASUTH you will find medical professionals known as consultants.

Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, commonly referred to as LASUTH, is a public teaching hospital in Lagos, Nigeria, affiliated with Lagos State University. It is located in Ikeja, the state capital.

LASUTH also shares a structure with Lagos State University College of Medicine. The hospital was founded in 1955 by a small medical centre in the Old West. It was converted into a teaching hospital in July 2001.

Ikeja Teaching Hospital in Lagos State grew from a modest field hospital established on June 25, 1955, by the former Lagos regional government. West to provide healthcare to the people of Ikeja and Ikeja. its environment. The small hospital was later turned into a full-fledged general hospital, serving as a secondary healthcare facility.

The need for a tertiary health care facility to train physicians and other health-related professionals to provide high-quality clinical services led to the facility’s upgrade from a general hospital into a modern and well-equipped centre of excellence with modern teaching facilities.

The Lagos State Government officially converted Ikeja General Hospital into Lagos State Teaching Hospital in July 2001, high-quality services are provided by highly trained professionals using current equipment technology. grand.

LASUTH’s primary goal is to be a world-class teaching hospital, using cutting-edge technology and highly developed human resources to provide excellent medical care/services to the right people in the right places. Lagos State and beyond. This will reduce the number of patients seeking medical travel abroad.

The differences mentioned above make it evident that LUTH is a larger teaching hospital than LASUTH, yet both hospitals treat patients as well as train medical professionals who work with the wider Lagos population.

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In Nigeria currently, there are twenty teaching hospitals in different locations and states of the country, out of which the Lagos State has two; Lagos university teaching hospital and Lagos state university teaching hospital.

The federal and state teaching hospitals respectively. All teaching hospitals are the training ground for university students; medics. The contact details of these teaching hospitals are outlined in this article.


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