Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria (2024)

There have been a lot of improvements in the pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria, compared to their previous performance in past years.

Asides from the tough government policies, the constant change in government, and harsh taxation, many Nigerians preferred to make use of foreign pharmaceutical products and not the localized ones in Nigeria.

Even when the companies assured the public that some drugs were safe and efficient as medications for ailments, many still choose to self-prescribe herbal drugs or resort to importing the drugs they need.

However, awareness is been created of the dangers caused by the misuse of drugs of any kind.

With the evolutions and developmental changes of the Nigerian pharmaceutical industry, a large number of pharmaceutical products are now produced by some tested, trusted, and registered pharmaceutical companies.

This post contains 10 of the Top registered pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. You would observe that some of these pharmaceutical industries were newly established, while others have been around for quite some time.

The Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria

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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria

Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries Limited is a multi-billion naira company established in 1984, by Dr. Stella C. Okoli and deals in varieties of pharmaceutical products.

Emzor is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies due to its production of high-quality pharmaceutical products and medical materials.

This pharmaceutical company has several products manufactured under its name in Nigerians that the citizens can vouch for. Some medical products by Emzor include antibiotics, anti-malarial, pain relievers, cardio-protective, multivitamins, and several other drugs.

The company has over 140 indigenously produced pharmaceutical products, explicitly: Emzor Paracetamol, Emzoron Capsules, Emcillin Capsules, EM-Vit-C Syrup, and Omega 3 Fish Oil, among others.

Swiss Pharma Nigeria Limited

Swiss Pharma Nigeria Limited also known as Swipha is a leading pharmaceutical company in Nigeria and a producer of quality drugs and medical products.

Swipe produces, markets, and distributes pharmaceutical products in line with the international standards of drug production and disbursement. This earned them multiple approvals from both local and international organizations.

This pharmaceutical industry was established in Lagos in 1976. It is this pharmaceutical company that supplies medical products to the government, businesses, and other top organizations in Nigeria. Some of their products include Syrups, tablets, and Suspensions.

May & Baker Nigeria Plc

May and Baker pharmaceutical company in Nigeria began in 1944 as May & Baker West Africa Limited before its first office was established at Ikeja in 1967 and renamed May & Baker Nigeria Limited.

May & Baker Nigeria Plc is Nigeria’s first pharmaceutical company and one of the most popular pharmaceutical Industries in Nigeria producing localized medical products.

Some of their pharmaceutical products are M & B Paracetamol tablets and syrup, Oxavid, M&B Cipro tablets, Thiapril tabs, Bromatan, and Diamet, among others.

GlaxoSmithKline Plc

GlaxoSmithKline Plc was established in Lagos in 1977 and is another one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

They have made immense contributions to the improvement of the quality of human life, enabling people to live better and healthier with their presence in Nigeria.

GlaxoSmithKline Plc is a conglomeration of two companies in the Nigerian pharmaceutical landscape; Glaxo Wellcome Plc and SmithKline Beecham Plc.

Some pharmaceutical products by GSK are Panadol, Horlicks, Sensodyne, and so on.

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Fidson Healthcare Plc

Fidson Healthcare Plc began in 1995 as a distributor of pharmaceutical products, before they started importing their own manufactured drugs. They established their manufacturing facility in Nigeria in 2002.

Fidson Healthcare is into the manufacturing of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. Their pharmaceutical products range from chemotherapy, psychiatry, analgesics, anti-diabetic, nutraceuticals, and haematinics, to cardiovascular medicines.

The company experienced a boom in the pharmaceutical industry and became one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria since it was marked by top pharmaceutical organizations in the country as meeting international standards.

Examples of their products include Biosulin, Citrotab, Motitec, Meprasil, Arthemed, etc.

Mopson Pharmaceutical Limited

Mopson Pharmaceutical was established in 1977 in Lagos. It is a fully indigenous Nigerian pharmaceutical company producing quality medicines and formulations. It is currently chaired by Dr. Michael Oyebanjo Paul.

The company is missioned to provide high-quality, affordable, and essential pharmaceutical products, and services that meet the customers’ demands, thus, ensuring their satisfaction.

They supply pharmaceutical products to industrial clinics, government hospitals, and private hospitals in Nigeria.

Some of their locally and internationally recognized products include Asmalyn syrup, Neofylin cough syrup, Mopson Methylated Spirit, Liquid Paraffin, Etc.

Chemiron International Limited

Chemiron International Limited was established in 1987 and is a household brand in Nigeria committed to the provision of quality healthcare services to its consumers.

This pharmaceutical industry was formerly known as Chemech Laboratories Nigeria Limited and has recently emerged as one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria.

They are the manufacturers of Chemicron Blood nourishing tonics and capsules.

Neros Pharmaceutical Limited

Neros Pharmaceutical Limited was established in 1986 and began as an importer and distributor of pharmaceutical products. They have over 100 pharmaceutical products, which have been certified by various internationally recognized organizations, as reaching international standards.

Neros Pharmaceutical Ltd is a pharmaceutical company that is currently experiencing rapid growth with its engagements in the manufacturing, importation, marketing, and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Some of these products are anti-bacterias, anti-malaria, multivitamins, anti-fungal, etc.

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Phamatex Nigeria Limited

This industry is another one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria, incorporated as a private firm in 1994.

They are linked to several quality drugs and are major distributors and wholesalers of pharmaceutical products.

Their variable products include anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, ant-diabetics, antifungals, health supplements/vitamins, etc.

Zolon Healthcare Limited

Zolon health Ltd is into the manufacturing, management, sales, marketing, and distribution of quality healthcare products.

They are visionaries of leadership in the provision of veritable solutions to the healthcare needs of their stakeholders. Zolon Healthcare Limited produces high-quality medical products that reach international standards.

It was established and is now managed by a trained team of world-class professionals with some of their pharmaceutical products as Emvite Super and Osteoarthritis medicines.

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We have successfully discussed the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. Some of these are newly incorporated bodies, and others have existed for a substantial period.

Nigeria now produces quality drugs overseen by regulatory bodies, thanks to these pharmaceutical companies.


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