List Of Pharmaceutical Companies In Canada

You want to find out the list of pharmaceutical companies in Canada for some reasons like trying to relocate to Canada as a practicing pharmacist, trying to find out how lucrative venturing into pharmaceutical companies in Canada will be, trying to find out another nearby pharmaceutical company in Canada to work in, or for any other reason.

You are at the right place and will have access to a comprehensive list of pharmaceutical companies in Canada.

Pharmaceutical companies are drug discovery and manufacturing companies that not only manufactures some branded drugs but also manufacture generic drugs. They do not just manufacture these drugs as they wish or by missing procedures.

Rather the whole manufacturing process is judiciously carried out following the proper guidelines and also maintaining a good manufacturing system.

One of the most cutting-edge companies throughout Canada State is pharmaceutical companies or drug manufacturing firms. It is made up of businesses that produce OTC medication in addition to generic pharmaceuticals as well as revolutionary medicines.

The list of pharmaceutical companies in Canada is so enormous. It may be of great interest to you that there are countable numbers of pharmaceutical companies located in so many strategic places in Canada. These pharmaceutical companies encompass but the private, public, and subsidiary pharmaceutical companies.

There are currently 151 lists of pharmaceutical companies in Canada that are located in different cities and provinces of Canada.

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List Of Pharmaceutical Companies In Canada

There are countable numbers of pharmaceutical companies in Canada with different areas of specialization. Some are well known for the discovery and manufacturing of generic drugs, some for different branded drugs, and some for generalized drug manufacturing.

They have all been proven to stand the test of time and have continued to manufacture drugs that have been curative, preventive, and restorative all across the globe. Below is a comprehensive list of pharmaceutical companies in Canada:

A. List Of Pharmaceutical Companies in Ontario Province In East-Central Canada

  1. Wellspring Pharmaceutical Canada Corp.
  2. A & A Pharmachem Inc.
  3. Astellas Pharma Canada Inc.
  4. Auro Pharma Inc.
  5. Aspri Pharma Canada Inc.
  6. Columbia Laboratories Canada Inc.
  7. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.
  8. Horizon Therapeutics Canada
  9. Merz Pharma Canada Ltd.
  10. Mylan Pharmaceuticals ULC (now Viatris)
  11. BTNX Inc.
  12. Leo Pharma Inc.
  13. Taro Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  14. SteriMax Inc.
  15. Ddrops Company
  16. UCB Canada Inc.
  17. Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. (They are now Sun Pharma Canada Inc.)
  18. TerSera Therapeutics
  19. Aspen Pharmacare Canada Inc.
  20. Medtronic of Canada
  21. Marcan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  22. Actavis Specialty Pharmaceuticals Co. (They are now Teva Pharmaceuticals)
  23. Sanis Health Inc.
  24. Medisure Canada Inc.
  25. Medexus Inc.
  26. McNeil Consumer Healthcare (Johnson & Johnson)
  27. Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  28. Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB (SOBI)
  29. Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.
  30. Celopharma Inc.
  31. Tanta Pharmaceuticals Inc.

B. List Of Pharmaceutical Companies In Toronto; Capital Of The Province Of Ontario, And Major Canadian City

  1. Apotex Inc.
  2. ApoPharma Inc.
  3. Biogen Canada Inc.
  4. Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
  5. Eli Lilly Canada Inc.
  6. Ferring Inc.
  7. Dormer Laboratories Inc.
  8. Generic Medical Partners.
  9. Janssen-Ortho Inc.
  10. Recordati Rare Diseases Canada
  11. Servier Canada inc.
  12. Fresenius Kabi Canada.
  13. Solvay Canada Inc.
  14. Purdue Pharma Canada.
  15. Takeda Canada Inc.
  16. Trembley Harrison Inc.
  17. Insulet Corporation
  18. Proctor and Gamble (P&G).
  19. Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

C. List Of Pharmaceutical Companies In Mississauga; Sizable Canadian City Located Close To Toronto.

  1. Abbott Diabetes Care.
  2. AA Pharma Inc.
  3. Ascensia Diabetes Care Canada Inc.
  4. Altius Healthcare Inc.
  5. AutoControl Medical.
  6. Acerus Pharmaceutical Corp.
  7. Alcon Canada Inc.
  8. Amgen Canada Inc.
  9. Allergan Inc.
  10. Xediton Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  11. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Canada.
  12. Eisai Limited.
  13. Natco Pharma (Canada) Inc.
  14. AstraZeneca Canada Inc.
  15. Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals Inc.
  16. Nova Biomedical Canada Ltd.
  17. Baxter Corporation.
  18. Bayer Inc.
  19. Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.
  20. Mint Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  21. Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.
  22. Becton-Dickinson Canada Inc.
  23. Septa Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  24. Serono Canada Inc.

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D. List Of Pharmaceutical Companies In Quebec; Mostly French-speaking Province In Eastern Canada

  1. Abbvie Corporation.
  2. Acasti Pharma Inc.
  3. Accel Pharma Inc.
  4. Actelion Pharmaceutiques Canada (now Johnson & Johnson).
  5. Accord Healthcare Inc.
  6. United Therapeutics Inc.
  7. Aptalis Pharma Inc. (now Adare Pharma Solutions).
  8. Valeant Canada Inc. (now Bausch Health, Canada Inc.).
  9. Servier Canada Inc.
  10. Odan Laboratories Limited.
  11. Dermtek Pharma Inc.
  12. Opus Pharma.
  13. Pfizer Canada Inc.
  14. Medical Plastic Devices Inc.
  15. Otsuka Canada Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  16. Paladin Labs Inc.
  17. Medunik Canada.
  18. Laboratoire Atlas Inc.
  19. Sanofi-Aventis Canada Inc.
  20. Steri-Med Pharma inc.
  21. Jamp Pharma Corp.
  22. Merck Canada Inc.
  23. Sandoz Canada Inc.
  24. Sivem Pharmaceuticals.
  25. Valeo Pharma Inc.
  26. Lifescan Canada Ltd. (Johnson & Johnson).
  27. Domrex Pharma Inc.
  28. Medisca Pharmaceutique.
  29. Jubilant HollisterStier Contract.
  30. Duchesnay Inc.
  31. Orimed Pharma Inc.
  32. Pro Doc Ltd.
  33. Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada Co.
  34. Church & Dwight Canada

E. List Of Pharmaceutical Companies In Montreal; Largest City In Canada’s Quebec Province

  1. Erfa Canada 2012 Inc. ( ECI2012).
  2. Omega Laboratories Ltd.
  3. PendoPharm Inc. (a division of Pharmascience).
  4. Viiv HealthCare.
  5. Montmed Inc.
  6. Indivior Canada Ltd. (Formerly RBI/RBP).
  7. Biocodex SA.
  8. Lundbeck Canada Inc.
  9. Neobourne Pharma.
  10. Spectrum Pharma.
  11. Alison Medical

F. List Of Pharmaceutical Companies In Vancouver; A Busy Port City On Canada’s West Coast, Located In The Province Of British Columbia

  1. Essenlife Bioscience Inc.
  2. Vanryx (they are now Cytiva).
  3. Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  4. Acuitas Therapeutics.
  5. Vanc Pharmaceuticals Inc. (They are now Avricore Health Inc).
  6. Jazz Pharmaceuticals.
  7. CureImmune Therapeutics Inc.
  8. Genix Pharmaceuticals.
  9. LOVE Pharma Co.
  10. WEX Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  11. Aurin Biotech Inc.
  12. Gylsa International Trading.
  13. Biocure Technology Inc.
  14. Aequus Pharmaceuticals.
  15. Shackelford Pharma Inc.
  16. Akseera Pharma Corp.
  17. Xenex Laboratories Inc.
  18. Zymeworks Inc.
  19. Viva Pharmaceutical Inc.
  20. Life Sciences, British Columbia.
  21. Medipure Pharmaceuticals Inc

G. List Of Pharmaceutical Companies With Multiple Locations In Canada

  1. Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  2. Galderma Canada Inc.
  3. GlaxoSmithKline Inc.
  4. Pharmascience Inc.
  5. Sanofi Pharma.
  6. HLS Therapeutics Inc.
  7. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.
  8. Methapharm Inc.
  9. Teva Canada Limited.
  10. Roche Pharmaceuticals.
  11. GenMed Inc.

H. List Of Other Pharmaceutical Companies In Canada That Have Change Of Ownership.

For one reason or the other, all the below pharmaceutical companies in Canada have transferred the ownership of their respective pharmaceutical companies to other pharmaceutical companies.

Below is a list of pharmaceutical companies that have transferred their pharmaceutical companies ownership to other pharmaceutical companies:

  1. Merus Labs Inc. (Norgine BV, they are now Searchlight Pharma Inc).
  2. Novopharm Ltd. (They are now Teva Pharmaceuticals).
  3. CellCChem Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  4. Ratiopharm Inc. (They are now Teva).
  5. Shire Canada Inc. (They are now Tekeda).
  6. Actavis Pharma Company (they are now Allergan).
  7. Patriot – A Division of Janssen.
  8. ARA Pharmaceuticals Inc. (They are now the Spirit Group).
  9. Alveda Pharma (they are now Teligent Inc).
  10. Aegerion (they are now Amryt Pharma).
  11. BGP Pharma (changed to Mylan EPD, and now Viatris).


The list of pharmaceutical companies in Canada is quite large when compared to some other states in the United States. There are currently 151 lists of pharmaceutical companies in Canada that are located in different cities and provinces of Canada.

Some pharmaceutical companies in Canada have transferred the ownership of their pharmaceutical companies to other pharmaceutical companies. And some pharmaceutical companies have multiple locations in Canada.


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