Health Benefits of Melon Seed

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Melon Seed (Egusi)

African melon seed (Egusi) has a botanical name of Colocynthis Citrullus. They pertain to the family of Cucurbitaceae. Egusi is popularly known all over Nigeria as it is called with varieties of names in different countries. Both the fruit and seed can be consumed as they both have health benefits but the seed is the most used part of the fruit. And in this article, we will be discussing the amazing Health Benefits of Melon Seed (Egusi) which can be used in preparing very delicious delicacies. Egusi seed can also be used to make snacks e.g Robo in Yoruba.

In Nigeria, egusi is known for its combination with local dishes such as Amala, tuwo, wheat, semo, fufu, pounded yam, and starch. Despite the protein nutrients in egusi, egusi soup is never complete without assorted fish and meat.

The health benefits of Egusi are vast. Egusi seed contains a plethora of nutritional value and minerals which are carbohydrates, protein, fiber, fat, vitamin C, Potassium, Sodium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin B1, B2, B12, vitamin E, iron, zinc, manganese, and copper.

Egusi also contains varieties of amino acids such as threonine, valine, methionine, isoleucine, arginine, phenylalanine, leucine, arginine, and histidine aspartic acid, serine, glycine, tyrosine, alanine,  cysteine, proline, and glutamic acid. This article aims to find out why egusi is good for you.

Health Benefits of Melon Seed

Health Benefits of Melon Seed (Egusi)

Below are the health benefits of melon seed (Egusi):

It Promotes Healthy Eyes

The health and nutritional benefits of egusi include its ability to promote good eye vision. The vision of the eye is enhanced by vitamin A that is present in the melon seed. It also contains oil which is the high-density lipoprotein(cholesterol). It does not affect the cardiovascular system.

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It Aids Digestion

The health benefits of melon seed (egusi) is that it contains vitamin B1 and fiber which increase gastric motility thereby accelerating the rate of digestion. Egusi seed helps to promote an individual’s health by eliminating the digestive problem that occurs in the gastrointestinal tract such as ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, or constipation.

It Promotes Sparkling Hair and Glowing skin

The health benefits of egusi are from its vitamin E which is also one of the nutritional content in egusi. It is always included in skincare products. Vitamin E is known for its prevention of dry skin. It helps the body maintain radiant and glowing skin.

Alpha-tocopherol which has anti-aging properties brings about wrinkle-free skin thereby manifesting its anti-aging properties. It replenishes, moisturizes, and gives the skin other dermatological benefits. You can apply it topically or include it in your diet.

The nutrients in melon also promote hair growth, magnesium prevents the breakage of hair. The egusi plant itself has anti-inflammatory properties that can end pimples, boils, and lumps.

It Stimulates Appetite

Egusi can be used to replace the baby’s breast milk because it is also rich in protein. It prevents kwashiorkor and marasmus in babies and this is the health benefits of melon seed in stimulating appetite.

Egusi soup assorted with other forms of protein can also increase red blood cell production thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle. The aroma of Egusi soup is enough to stimulate appetite as it is very palatable.

Anticarcinogenic Effect

Egusi contains cucurbitacin glycosides combination which inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the breast. This makes it the best herbal remedy for cancer, especially breast cancer.

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Studies have proven that cucurbitacin in egusi contains pleitropic content that effectively results in cell cycle cessation and cell death. It also slows down the progression of cancer cells.

Anti-inflammatory Effect

Egusi seed has an anti-inflammatory effect which helps to suppress and halt any inflammation that emerges on any part of the body. It contains methanol extract that is usually used as a local analgesic in cases of pain or any swelling. Methanol extract is also responsible for controlling the release of serotonin from the platelet to the inflamed area.

This in turn triggers the accumulation of white blood cells to defend the body against the infection causing inflammation. As an anti-inflammatory mediator, it defends the cell from destruction by constricting the blood vessels in the inflamed site and this also contributes to the health benefits of melon seed (Egusi).

It Enhances the Cardiovascular System

Egusi(melon seed) contains an unsaturated fatty acid that reduces the potential to develop heart problems such as heart failure, stroke, and atherosclerosis through the reduction of the amount of fat in the blood.

It Lowers Blood Sugar

Similar to the health benefits of Moringa, Egusi possesses an insulinotropic effect in all parts of the plant which are the stem, leaves, seed, fruit, and its oil extract can control the blood sugar level and regulate insulin secretion from the pancreas.

It Improves The Immune System

Consistent intake of egusi provides the body with the potential to fight against infection and promotes healthy living. It contains a high amount of fatty acid that releases prostaglandin in the body. The work of prostaglandin in the body is that it arrests bleeding and suppresses infection.

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The micronutrients it contains prevent cell death and boost the immune system. Metabolic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and atherosclerosis are curbed. Egusi seed has an antioxidant effect against health issues that occurs from the oxidation activities of the body.

It Reduces Blood Cholesterol

Egusi(melon seed) has phytosterol which is another form of cholesterol and it helps to lower the number of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the body.

Egusi contains high-density lipoprotein cholesterol which is a good type of cholesterol. It has the potential to lower bad cholesterol since HDL cholesterol is a favorable type of cholesterol in the body.

The Side Effect of Melon Seed (Egusi)

Egusi(melon seed) has a high amount of fats which can be a threat to the cardiovascular system, especially for those having heart-related diseases. Therefore, it should be consumed moderately. This can also lead to obesity and weight gain.


Egusi comprises a lot of benefits which as promoting healthy eyes, aiding digestion, promoting sparkling hair and glowing skin, stimulating appetite, anticarcinogen, anti-inflammatory, it enhances the cardiovascular system, lowering blood sugar, enhances the cardiovascular system, lowering blood sugar, improves the immune system, and decreasing blood cholesterol. Include Egusi in your diet and enjoy all these benefits.

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