Benefits of Lucozade

Benefits of Lucozade: Pregnancy, Diabetes, Side Effects

Ever wondered about the health benefits of Lucozade? if yes this article will provide you with all you need to know about the energy drink, use or contraindication in pregnancy, diabetes, and side effects.

Lucozade is an energy-boosting drink that was first produced by a pharmaceutical company in the UK in the year 1921. The Lucozade boost was initially for replenishing the energy lost to an ill patient before being used by athletes to also gain energy(Lucozade sport).

The product was rebranded in 1983 to promote health instead of being for the weak alone. The drink has also been reformulated over time to reduce the sugar content to a moderate level. The nutritional value of Lucozade boost are Calories, Carbs, Sugar, Protein, Fat, Salt, and fiber.

Others include iodine, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin c, magnesium, and folate. The major ingredients used in Lucozade also contribute in one way or the other to the health benefits of Lucozade and are as follows:



Carbonated water


Citric and lactic acids

Glucose syrup

Potassium sorbate

Ponceau 4R

Sunset Yellow FCF

Benefits of Lucozade Boost

Lucozade contains a lot of ingredients depending on the flavor as it is known to be available in different flavors to increase the benefits of Lucozade which are:

1. Health Benefits of Lucozade Energy

There are about 176kcal of sugar in 500mls bottles of Lucozade energy. This shows that it contains a high amount of sugar needed to replace the lost ones.

Lucozade Energy is also rich in vitamin which aids digestion and also increases the cardiovascular system functioning. the vitamin is known for reducing the blood cholesterol level.

Lucozade energy is of different types which are Orange, Citrus Chill, Raspberry Ripple, Caribbean Crush, Brazilian Mango and Mandarin, Wild Cherry, Pink Lemonade, Original, Apple Blast, Watermelon & Strawberry Cooler. Read also about Roselle drink.

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3. Health Benefits of Lucozade Sport

This Lucozade drink is mostly recommended for sport-related activities. The health benefits of Lucozade for sport are one of the reasons why this type of flavor is preferred. Its isotonic nature makes rehydration easy and also balances the electrolyte level.

During exercise, large quantities of fluid and electrolyte are lost which can be immediately replaced with Lucozade sport. Lucozade sport has a similar nutritional value to that in the body fluid making it easy to absorb and boost energy. Care should be taken with daily consumption of Lucozade sport due to the risk of increased blood sugar especially when taken with other sugar-containing meals.

Lucozade sport is available in different flavors which are Cherry Kick, Fruit Punch, Mango & Passion Fruit, Brazilian Guava, Orange, Caribbean Burst, and Raspberry.

3. Benefits Derived From Lucozade Zero

The sugar content in Lucozade zero is reduced to about 20% when compared to that of other Lucozade flavors. It contains 16g of sugar in a 100mls bottle. The zero implies that it contains only little quantity of calories.

Lucozade zero comes in different types of flavors which are well known and include tropical, Pink Lemonade, Orange, and Original. This brand of Lucozade gives people the opportunity to have the best flavor without excess calories.

4. Benefits of Lucozade Revive

This brand of Lucozade was delisted by Suntory Beverage & Food because its expectation was not met. It was initially produced to help eliminate any reason that may discourage the purchase of energy drinks. It contains vitamin B6 and B12 which reduces stress and keeps you rejuvenated.

It is made of natural fruit flavor, sweeter with no artificial coloring. Lucozade revive also comes in different types which are orange & Passion Fruit, Lemon & Lime.

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5. Benefits of drinking Lucozade Sport Gel

Lucozade sports gel is similar to the Lucozade sports drink but has about a 70% reduction in calories. It has the potential to keep an individual hydrated, enhance their electrolyte level and reduce tiredness during exercise.

They also contain the same ingredient as Lucozade sport and are adequate for vegan diets, lactose-free diets, celiac diets, and vegetarian diets. Lucozade sport is produced in only one brand which is the orange gel.

6. Benefits of taking  Lucozade Sport Low Cal

The brand Lucozade has a doubled amount of sugar. It gives the body 30g of glucose and fructose in a ratio of 2:1.

Lucozade sport low Cal is mostly consumed by athletes as it gives energy to the body at the exact time it is needed. They are suitable to take during exercise. Lucozade sport low cal is of two flavors which are lemon and lime, Orange.

Other Health Benefits of Lucozade Boost

Let’s get to know the health benefits of Lucozade.

1. Health Benefits of Lucozade When Ill

The consumption of Lucozade boost helps to return the electrolyte lost and keeps the body hydrated thereby preventing body weakness. In case of diarrhea, it keeps the body hydrated and for weak patients, it supplies them with energy.

2. Benefits of Lucozade in Pregnancy

Lucozade is favorable in the first trimester of pregnancy in dealing with morning sickness. It is confirmed by the British dietician to be safe in pregnancy.

Although it is made of caffeine, only a considerable amount should be taken (less than four bottles daily). About 200mg of caffeine is safe for a pregnant woman daily. It increases the number of nutrients supplied to the developing fetus.

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Apart from boosting the energy level, it has the added advantage of hydrating the body during pregnancy. Research is yet to confirm how effective the use of Lucozade is for treating morning sickness.

Side Effects and Precautionary Measures of Lucozade

  • Lucozade energy drink can contribute to weight gain compared to normal food. When taken in excess it tends to result in obesity
  • It is advisable to always wash the teeth after consuming the energy drink as its sugar content usually harms the teeth.
  • The bottle should be tightly closed after unlocking and should be stored in the refrigerator for future usage.
  • Excessive intake of Lucozade can cause migraine, nausea, and respiratory problem.
  • The coloring present in Lucozade can stain the skin, fabrics, and furniture.
  • Always check the manufactured and expiry date before purchase.
  • Lucozade energy drink is not suitable for a diabetes patient as it can spike the blood sugar level and may be difficult to reverse back to the normal level. Research has proven that an energy booster has the potential to be always insulin resistant and can result in an individual having type 2 diabetes. Symptoms of diabetes excess urination, clouded vision, excessive thirst, and excessive hunger.


Lucozade is a carbohydrate-electrolyte drink that is safe to consume but consistent intake can be hazardous to health. It has a lot of benefits which range from hydration, increase electrolyte levels, and boosting energy.

Despite all the benefits, it is better to weigh the benefits with the side effects before consuming them. The recommended quantity should be taken to achieve a favorable result.

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