Best Hair Growth Products in Nigeria (2024)

Imagine the feeling of growing long hair. It will surely give you a new appearance. We have got for you the hair growth products in Nigeria to help enhance the growth of your hair. You would no longer be the scanty-haired woman you have always been.

These products are unisex as they can be utilized by both men and women. Worry no more, what you are looking for is right in your presence. You don’t have to be concerned about fake hair products as we have saved you the stress of online searching for hair products.

With the hair products described below, I am sure you would be able to say goodbye to jealousy. Do flow through it to make your preferred choice.

Best Hair Growth Products in Nigeria

Get to know the hair growth product that is available in Nigeria as they are described as follows:

  • Andrea hair growth essential product
  • Herbal hair booster
  • Kuza hair growth product
  • Virgin hair fertilizer
  • Stimulator shampoo
  • Kai tea tree hair products
  • Green magic
  • Hair wonder
  • Mega Tek rebuilder

Andrea’s Hair Growth Essential Product

It is one of the best hair growth products in Nigeria. They are made of natural oil and organic products which are grape seed oil, fleece flower root, ginger, and nd ginseng. At the time of review, it is sold at a cost of 1800naira.

The major action of this Nigeria hair growth product is to help eliminate dandruff and prevent itching of the scalp. It is the most suitable product for people with scanty and hair breakage. Men who desire long beards can also use them to increase their length.

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People who have utilized this product before can testify to its potency and long-lasting result. It should be used along with shampoo at the ratio of 3 to 100mls of shampoo for washing hair. The essential oil can also be mixed with the hair cream to achieve a maximum effect.

Herbal Hair Booster

Herbal hair booster is one of the natural hair growth products in Nigeria. It is made of natural oil and herbs. It is widely available in beauty marts and very popular like other hair care products in Nigeria.

Although it is usually packaged in a small container, its size is nothing compared to its effect on the hair. Reviews from its users have shown how effective it is for boosting hair growth. To avoid the purchase of fake products, ensure that you buy them from a reliable store.

As of the time of review, the cost of an herbal hair booster is N1500. Herbal hair boosters prevent hair breakage and growth of grey hair.

Kuza Hair Growth Products

Kuza is made of 100% Indian hemp. It is majorly composed of shea butter and Indian hemp. Due to its easy method of preparation, it happens to be the most effective and affordable hair growth product in Nigeria. Other ingredients used in Kuza 100% Indian hemp cream include herbs and natural oil.

Normally Indian hemp enhances hair growth and its mixture with shea butter helps to complement its effect. It softens the hair and maintains a radiant and glowing nature. No chemical was used as kuda 100% Indian hemp cream is completely organic.

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Virgin Hair Fertilizer

This is one of the incredible hair growth products in Nigeria. This fertilizer is made of petroleum jelly, hair oil, lanolin, fragrance, herbal extract, and shea butter. It is very helpful in preventing dandruff, hair loss, and increased hair length. The oil keeps the hair moisturized and gives a better strand of hair.

Stimulator Shampoo

HRT organic stimulator shampoo requires that you use its other HRT products to connect your hair issues. This other HRT hair growth product in Nigeria includes HF air follicle booster, skin enhancer, and anti-aging shampoo.

The shampoo should be lathered on the hair for about two minutes before rinsing. Clean with a dry towel and apply the other products generously. The direction of use is always included in its package.

Kai Tea Tree Hair Products

Kai tea tree and cinnamon collection are one of the natural hair products available in Nigeria. This product has been perfectly made such that the use of an additional product with it helps to complement its results. An example of such a product is hair shampoo which can complement its effect.

Kai tea tree and cinnamon collections are made of ingredients like shea butter, chamomile, cinnamon, aloe vera, and glycerine. Cinnamon contains increases hair length. It is very rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, and vitamin F which defend the body against bacteria and fungi.

Green Magic

This Nigerian hair growth product is a very effective hair growth product that is suitable for all types of hair. To retain its texture it is advisable to keep it in the refrigerator as it tends to melt with any temperature change. Green magic is made of organic oil which enhances hair growth.

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Hair Wonder

Hair Wonder is produced by a very reputable brand in Nigeria. The hair growth remedy is one of the best creams for dandruff, reduces breakage, prevents the growth of grey hair, and nurtures the scalp. It is widely known in Nigeria and can be utilized by the whole family including the children.

Hair wonder ingredients are Olive Oil, Ginger, Zingiber, Officinale, Sunflower Oil, Soya-bean Oil, Castor Oil, Centella Asiatica, Pahaz Ginseno, Moringa Oleifera, Rosemary, Lavender, Biotin Lemon Grass,  Virgin Coconut Oil, Elcipta Alba, Curry Leaf Powder, Garlic, Peppermint, Aloe Barbadensis Shea butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Neem.

Mega Tek Rebuilder

Megatek for hair growth is an amazing hair growth product that usually has along with a lasting effect on the hair. It speeds up the growth of hair as well. Megatek hair rebuilder is widely used in Nigeria and can be purchased from a beauty shop Testimonies from its users show that it softens and increased the quantity of hair. Apart from its effect on the hair, it also has a positive impact on the nails.


There are countless hair growth products in Nigeria, and as the day goes by, new products are also produced. The ones that are described above have been rated to be the most affordable, effective, and also have a long-lasting effect. With the review, you would be able to select the hair growth product that suits your hair. If you have any other suggestions you can give your comments below.


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