10 Pure Health Benefits of Uda Seed (Negro Pepper)

Uda seed (Negro pepper) has the botanical name Xylopia aethiopica which belongs to the family Annonaceae. There are lots of benefits of uda seed as well as its names, especially in Nigeria where different tribes have a name for it. In the Yoruba language, it is referred to as eeru alamo, Igbos call it uda, Hausas call it chimba while in some other countries of the world, it is referred to as the grain of Selim. Its other names are African pepper, Ethiopian pepper, hwenta, Senegal pepper, kili pepper, Kani pepper, and Selim pepper.

Due to its versatility, uda seeds, leaves, fruit, bark, and stem all contribute to the health benefits of uda seed(negro pepper). This makes uda seeds to be suitable as spices in pepper soup, preservatives, flavor in herbal tea, and many more. Uda seed benefit ranges from sexual, culinary, medicinal, and many more. Also, there are lots of nutritional benefits that can be derived from uda seeds (negro pepper) and they are: Limonene, Flavonoid, Diterpenic, Copper, Vitamin A; Vitamin B1, B2, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc,  protein, manganese, Folic Acid,  and Alkaloids 

Below are The Health Benefits of Uda Seed

10 Pure Health Benefits of Uda Seed (Negro Pepper)
Health Benefits of Uda Seed (Negro Pepper)

Uda Seed as an Antioxidant

Uda seed is a very rich source of antioxidants. It contains some effective antioxidant like phenolic, limonoids, and flavonoids which helps to eliminate free radicals that are capable of causing malignant tumor in the body.

These antioxidants are usually derived from their fluid extract and are very effective for getting rid of oxidizing agents. This tends to reduce the risk of having cancer.

Anti-inflammatory Effect

The benefit of uda seed as an anti-inflammatory property is that it promotes the healing of wounds. Inflammation has to do with the way the body reacts to damaged tissue or injury. Inflammation is one of the stages of wound healing that triggers the swelling of the affected part of the body. Intake of uda seed will certainly help to suppress inflammation thereby promoting healing of the affected parts.

Uda Seed as Antimalarial

Locally, certain herbs are believed to be the cure for malaria. The same applies to uda seeds. The benefits of the uda seed are that it has antimalarial properties that help destroy malaria parasites deposited in the body. It also reduces the risk of coming down with malaria.

Uda Seed Relieves Pain

Uda seeds(Negro pepper) are a very effective analgesic agent. Intake of its spices helps to relieve many forms of pain including headaches. The analgesic effect of uda seed(negro pepper) together with its antibiotics effects, anti-inflammatory effects, and other health benefits of uda seed improves the general state of health and wellbeing.

Treatment of Dermatological Issues

The benefits of the uda seed here are its ability to treat skin disorders such as rashes, boiling, and skin eruption. Uda seeds supply the body with nutrients that can help nourish the skin. Uda seeds also reduce the occurrence of skin infections such as pimples and acne as a result of their ability to maintain shiny and smooth skin.

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Uda Seed as a Treatment for Gastrointestinal Disorders

Uda seed benefits tend to keep gastrointestinal disorders at its bay. Gastrointestinal disorders are conditions affecting the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract. (esophagus, stomach, small intestine, rectum, and large intestine). Examples of such disorders include peptic ulcer diseases, constipation, esophageal reflux diseases, dysentery, stomach pain, flatulence, and indigestion. Uda leaf benefits the body by relieving those symptoms.

Uda Seed Enhances the Respiratory System

Apart from rheumatism, the bark of the uda tree is effective for managing pneumonia, bronchitis, common cold, and asthma. Studies indicated its bark to be very effective for treating respiratory problems.

This promotes healthy breathing and prevents difficulty in breathing. To be completely free from respiratory disorders, it is advisable to reduce exposure to triggering agents. This helps to prevent inflammation and infection.

Treatment of Menstrual Issues

There are lots of menstrual issues that can be tackled with uda seed(negro pepper). This serves as one of the benefits of the uda seed. It is said to be used traditionally for increasing the rate of menstrual blood flow and also as a cure for amenorrhea(absent of menstrual discharge).

This uda seed benefits the body by increasing the menstrual blood flow, especially for those who normally have a scanty flow. Another uda seed benefit is that it helps to relieve post-menopausal syndrome. This applies to women who are about to or have reached menopause.

Uda Seed for Rheumatism

Frequent intake of uda seed can benefit the body by reducing the risk of having rheumatism. For those who experience rheumatic syndrome, the uda seed tends to suppress the inflammation around the joint thereby promoting effective use of the joint.

The bark of uda trees is endowed with anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritis, and antipyretic effect which promotes the cure of rheumatic-related issues.

The Side Effect of Consuming uda Seed( negro pepper)


Uda seeds are said to have been used by women to abort a pregnancy. It was reported to initiate abortion without any scientific evidence. Pregnant women should avoid the intake of uda leave to prevent preterm labor.

Heavy Menstrual Flow

Uda seed should be avoided by women that normally have a heavy flow as it tends to increase it. Uda seed(Negro pepper) contains substances that can result in reduced ovulation, menorrhagia, and inability to conceive.


If you are the type that usually experiences skin redness, rashes, etc. It is better not to use uda seed so as not to aggravate the symptoms

Peptic Ulcer Diseases

Peptic ulcer disease is the ulceration of the mucosa lining of the stomach. Intake of a spicy diet is one of the causes of peptic ulcer disease. Negro pepper can be so hot to the extent that it can result in ulceration of the gastrointestinal tract. It should be taken moderately to prevent complications.


The benefits of uda seed(Negro pepper) are usually underrated whereas they are numerous. They contribute to the promotion of health and prevention of illness. There is a need to be cautious of its intake as it also has downsides which are abortion, heavy menstrual flow, allergy, peptic ulcer diseases, etc


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