Cost of Tooth Extraction, Scaling, and Polishing in Nigeria

What is tooth extraction? How much does scaling and Polishing cost in Nigeria? The cost of tooth extraction, scaling, and Polishing are the things we’ll discuss in this article. Scaling and Polishing is a professional way of removing plaque and excessive stains from your teeth.

Teeth polishing is done immediately after scaling in a bid to smoothen the surface of the teeth. These two processes go hand in hand; you can’t do one without the other.

Nigerians are taking dental cleanliness seriously unlike before. No matter the dental issue you’re battling with, rest assured that it can be treated. If you have a missing tooth, it can be replaced by dental implants. Scaling is a deepened form of tooth cleaning and the cleaning extends to your tooth gum. 

However, it is pertinent to note that this process is highly different from teeth whitening. You can get tooth extraction, scaling, and Polishing done in different hospitals in Nigeria. Both private and public hospitals take up this process but the only thing is that their prices differ from one another. 

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

There are a number of reasons for doing tooth extraction. In this section, we’ll look into the common reasons why people go for tooth extraction.


Infections are very harmful to the teeth and they can cause damage to your teeth. When tooth infection is adverse,  antibiotics will no longer work and the only ideal thing to solve this issue before it escalates is by performing tooth extraction. Although, some patients that intend to go for a transplant can have the infected teeth pulled out through extraction.

Crowded Month

Dentists might decide to pull out your teeth when preparing for Orthodontia. 

Cost of Tooth Extraction in Nigeria

The cost of tooth extraction in private hospitals and public hospitals differs. Government-owned hospitals are lenient in their charges; their fees are relatively cheap and affordable for all and sundry. 

Public hospitals charge an amount between N10,000 to N20,000. In private hospitals, the prices are a bit higher. It costs between N12,000 to N255,000. 

Cost of Scaling and Polishing in Nigeria

The cost of Scaling and Polishing differs in private hospitals from public hospitals. In private hospitals, the cost of scaling and Polishing is quite cheaper than the price in private hospitals. 

In a public or government-owned hospital, the cost ranges from N10,000 to N15,000. In private hospitals, the cost of scaling and Polishing is between N25,000 to N45,000. 

The price in private clinics is high and also dependent on the areas where the hospitals are situated. Private hospitals in cities like Benin, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, etc definitely charge high fees.

Benefits of Scaling and Polishing Your Teeth

There is a health benefit you enjoy for tooth extraction, scaling, and Polishing. These include

  • Regular scaling helps to prevent or stop gum disease from getting worse. Regular scaling keeps your teeth and gums healthy.
  • Gum disease is known for causing bad breath and it can easily be prevented through regular scaling and Polishing.
  • Scaling keeps your teeth from gum disease that has the tendency of getting worse. 

People That Shouldn’t Go For Scaling and Polishing

It is pertinent to note that it isn’t everyone is required to go for tooth scaling and Polishing. Some people are exempted due to their health issues. The following people aren’t allowed to go for scaling and Polishing.

  • People with Respiratory problems
  • Hypertensive individuals
  • People with health conditions that weaken the tooth enamel
  • People who are allergic to abrasive stuff used in scaling and Polishing

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Having explained everything you need to know about the cost of tooth extraction, scaling, and Polishing, you should also note that dental issues need to be treated before these processes. Receding gums and cavities should be treated before going through scaling and Polishing. 


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