Complete List of Fake Drugs In Nigeria

Here we provide you with the full list of Fake Drugs In Nigeria. According to NAFDAC statistics, within and between developing countries worldwide, Nigeria has the highest volume of counterfeit and fake medications. Fake malaria drugs alone account for over 120,000 death in Africans annually.

The high rate at which fake drugs are popping out daily is quite alarming and calls for immediate attention and intervention. It has become extremely difficult to differentiate between the fake drugs and the original ones as the perpetrators of those fake drugs are now gaining mastery over them.

They have advanced in such a way that even the original drugs now appear to be fake considering the clever approach through which they mastermind the act of faking the original drug.

The days are gone when mere seeing “original” on a product affirms its originality because we now have “original fake” “fake” and “original.”

The cause for concern here is that most of these Fake Drugs In Nigeria if not all lack the active ingredients contained in the original drug and the drug will in turn not be able to elicit the desired action because it is a placebo and cannot illicit any therapeutic action.

Some of the Fake Drugs In Nigeria that manage to have an adulterated amount of the active original drug will still not be able to elicit the desired therapeutic action because it was not prepared with the exact quantity needed for desired therapeutic action.

A drug is said to be fake when it is manufactured and sold to misrepresent its source, integrity, or efficacy. A fake drug may have insufficient amounts of the active principles or in some cases, none at all, inappropriate pharmacokinetic activities, ingredients that are not listed on the label, and erroneous or falsified labeling and packaging.

All information and ingredients are intended to mislead or embezzle the buyer. And the sad news is that the people manufacturing these fake drugs are very clever in their choice of ingredients; using bitter substances for bitter drugs and vice versa.

There are different types of fake drugs ranging from drugs used in chronic disease states like hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, and most drugs are used in infectious disease states.

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Drugs that are counterfeit and of low quality may be toxic doses of hazardous ingredients and result in widespread poisoning. The intervention for chronic diseases such as diabetes or Hypertension and others are compromised by low-quality medications, which also contribute to the progression of the diseases, resistant strains to antibiotics, and fatalities.

The most striking thing about all these types of fake drugs is that their motive is to mislead.

list of fake drugs in nigeria
List of Fake Drugs In Nigeria

List of Fake Drugs In Nigeria

Below is the list of fake drugs in Nigeria and the easiest way to determine the authenticity of the drug:

Augmentin 625mg ( Beecham)

Because of the high demand for this drug and its expensive nature, fakers tend to manufacture the fake Augmentin 625mg. Check out the authentication code to find out its authenticity.


(Elbe) Before making a purchase, check for an authentication code, and with it, you know the authenticity of the drug.

300mg Quinine Sulphate

300mg Quinine Sulphate with Batch Number: F4387 produced by Novadina Pharmaceutical Ltd. This is a fake drug and it is sold in Nigeria.

Abidec Multivitamin Syrup

Abidec Multivitamin Syrup By NGC manufacturing company: The fakers copied both the address of the Sygen company as though it was manufactured in the same compound.


Swider is the Fansider in Nigeria now, and to determine the authenticity, you have to check for the authentication code before buying.

Beecham Ampiclox

Because of the high demand for this drug and its expensive nature compared to other brands, fakers tend to manufacture fake Beecham Ampiclox. Check out the authentication code to find out its authenticity.


Instead of the manufacturer as found in the original one, the fake one is written as: The use of fake Coartem tablets may result in poisoning (due to toxic substances), treatment failure, development of resistance, and even death.

And the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) on the sachet of Coartem fake tablets is wrongly written as artemether/lumefantrine.

Fubact – A cream

Before buying Fubact A cream, look out for unusual spelling or inscriptions that are not consistent with the original one, it is usually obvious when you take out time to observe it.

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According to the Pharmaceutical Security Institute, erectile dysfunction drugs make up 37% of all fake medications that have been found, so it should come as no surprise that Viagra is currently the second most falsified medication in the world and Nigeria is not an exception.

The market is overrun with fake Viagra, so to be on the safe side, only buy from licensed, reputable pharmacies around you.


Cassava powder is most likely present in any Buscopan that is not bitter and tastes like chalk; discontinue such product and consult a pharmacist.

Fucin Tablet

Avoid fake Fucin by sticking with well-known brands that have codes. There are other numerous fake drugs in Nigeria both Prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs that you may be misled into thinking it’s original.

If you are meticulous enough to check all labeling, authentication codes, and other features, you will be able to differentiate the fake from the original.

How To Identify Fake Drugs in Nigeria

How can you identify Fake Drugs In Nigeria when you see them?

To revitalize NAFDAC’s mission to “safeguard the health of the nation,” the agency under Late Prof. Dora Nkem Akunyili’s direction, underwent extensive restructuring and reforms in 2001.

As a result, drug failure rates decreased from about 22% in 2002 to about 16% in 2006, and it was reported that the availability of fake medications had fallen by more than 80% from its peak in 2001. Below are how to know fake drugs when you see them:

Examine The Drug’s Dosage Form

For all drugs, always examine drugs dosage form for any differences in the substance’s outward form, such as its color, size, uniformity, consistency, or shape.

Physical Characteristics of The Drug

Small fragments of tablets, an excessive amount of powder at the bottom of the medication container, or brittle and crumbly capsules that spill powder are common physical characteristics to watch out for in medication tablets;

Tablet or capsule fractures; medication softening or hardening; the presence of crystals on the container walls or the medication tablets; Discoloration, spots, or swelling on the tablets or capsules should be examined to determine the authenticity of the drug according to the World Health Organization.

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Verify The Authenticity Online Or via SMS

Many nations, as well as Nigeria, have special ways to check the authenticity of medications using authentication codes or other online portals before buying the drug.

Presences Of Allergies And Unusual Drug Side Effects

The majority of medications have side effects. Before using, it’s crucial to speak with a pharmacist to rule out any potential allergies. Inform a pharmacist or doctor right away if you experience any unwanted or dangerous medication side effects.

Be Cautious Of The Drug Prices:

If a drug’s price drops significantly from its usual level, check the product again because it’s possible that a fake company was trying to entice customers by offering drugs at artificially low prices.

Evaluate the Packaging

The most straightforward way to determine whether or not a drug is authentic is to look at its packaging. Look for details on the packaging, such as unusual fonts, print colors, and a missing logo. Examine whether it looks similar to or different from the previous one you used. See image below.

fake drugs

Check The Safety Seal

A safety seal that is present on a drug pill packet or container should not be broken. Keep an eye out for a break or crack in the sealing tape.

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There are an uncountable number of fake drugs in Nigeria and the sad news is that if you are in Nigeria, you may have probably bought and used one fake drug unknowingly.

To be on the safe side, always buy your drugs from licensed and trustworthy pharmacies, check out the labeling,

physical attributes, authentication code, and other means of identifying a fake drug because the effects of fake drugs can be fatal in some cases and the little extra cost may be insignificant in remedying the situations.


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