Best Blood Tonic For Weight Gain in Nigeria

There are different types of blood tonics in the market today. People use blood tonics when they are recovering from an illness, when pregnant, as a food supplement, and to gain weight. In this article, I’ll be listing the best blood tonic for weight gain in Nigeria.

A blood tonic is a type of liquid supplement that aids in increasing blood production in the body. It also improves appetite and regulates metabolism which could then lead to weight gain. Blood tonics contain a variety of nutrients that help the body function better.

Composition of Most Blood Tonic For Weight Gain in Nigeria

Best Blood Tonic For Weight Gain in Nigeria

Some of the ingredients in blood tonics include:


Dietary Iron produces haemoglobin in the red blood cells in the body. This haemoglobin helps to transport oxygen to all the organs of the body. An inadequacy of haemoglobin results in the inability of oxygen to get to important organs of the body and a reduction in the production of red blood cells, resulting in Anaemia. All blood tonics contain iron.

Vitamin C

It is also known as Ascorbic acid. This helps the body better able to absorb iron. It also helps in the overall growth and development of the body tissues and also their repair. It is a water-soluble vitamin hence, it is easily lost from the body.

Therefore, it needs to be replenished regularly to maintain its functions in the body. Vitamin C also helps in wound healing, maintenance of an ideal immune system and maintenance of good cartilages, teeth and bones.

Vitamin A

This is a fat-soluble vitamin that makes it easy to be stored in the body after it is consumed, and it is essential for good eyesight and regulates the immune system. It is also good for bone health. It is recommended for men to get 900micrograms of vitamin A per day while it is 700mcg for women. For children and adolescents, 300-600mcg is okay.

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Copper helps the body to form red blood cells and helps with the absorption of iron. It also regulates immune function and maintains healthy blood vessels, bones and nerves. It also helps protect the bones from osteoporosis and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 regulates the immune system and makes the brain and nervous system develop normally.

It prevents depression and improves mood. It also aids haemoglobin production and treats anaemia.

Vitamin B9( Folic acid)

Folic acid helps with the formation of red blood cells. It also improves tissue growth and function. Folic acid also increases appetite and stimulates digestive acids production. This makes one eat more and metabolism is regulated.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps in the production of red blood cells and also stimulates appetite. B12 also aid in the conversion of fat and protein into energy.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that makes organs of the body function normally. Also, it functions as an antioxidant in the body.

Now, let’s talk about the best blood tonics for weight gain in Nigeria. We might need to increase our weight for various reasons. This may be due to recovering from an illness, being pregnant, or being severely underweight.

Best Blood Tonic For Weight Gain in Nigeria

These blood tonics help to improve appetite and the nutrients in them regulate the metabolism. Here are some of the best blood tonics for weight gain.


 Astyfer is a good blood tonic for weight gain. It contains vitamin B complex and iron. It is readily available in pharmacies across Nigeria.

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Astyfer also contains glycine, histidine and lysine for the ideal formation of blood and proteins needed in the blood. Astyfer improves appetite and this can make one’s weight increase gradually. It does not cause constipation and


Chemiron is a popular blood tonic used for weight gain in Nigeria. It contains iron, vitamin B complex and vitamin C.

Chemiron also comes in capsules and help to treat iron deficiency, improves the appetite, works on vision, slows down ageing and promotes strength and vitality.

Bunto blood tonic

Is Bunto blood tonic good for weight gain? Of course, it is! It contains iron, vitamin B complex, and zinc. It helps in the formation of red blood cells and platelets, treats anaemia and fatigue, and boosts the immune system. It also improves the appetite and regulates adequate eating.

 Astymin blood tonic

Astymin is a blood tonic that contains iron and folate which helps to produce more haemoglobin and increases appetite. It comes in the flavour of honey and orange and is quite palatable to the tongue. It contains vitamin C which improves iron absorption and vitamin B complex which contributes to the production of energy.

Vitaglobin blood tonic

Vitaglobin blood tonic is flavoured with honey and malt. It contains iron, vitamin B complex, folic acid and minerals. It is ideal for strength, vigour and energy. It contains vitamin B12 that helps keep blood and nerves healthy. It also prevents megaloblastic anaemia.

HB12 blood tonic

HB12 blood tonic contains iron and vitamin B12 and takes care of the overall blood function of the body. It is easily assimilated and does not cause constipation.

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Jawaron blood tonic

Jawaron blood tonic is a popular blood tonic for Weight gain in Nigeria. It helps in producing blood cells and platelets and also metabolizes carbohydrates. It helps maintain body tissues and increases appetite. It is a blood tonic that is easily available in pharmacies across Nigeria.

Feroglobin blood tonic

Feroglobin blood tonic contains iron, vitamin B complex and zinc. It helps to prevent tiredness and fatigue caused by anaemia. It improves appetite and helps to rebuild worn-out tissues.


As blood tonics improve appetite and stimulate digestive juices, care must be taken that only healthy foods are consumed. Excessive consumption of highly processed and refined foods like doughnuts, cakes should be minimized or avoided to prevent obesity.

Obesity is a disease that causes other diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and general body dysfunctions. Eat healthy foods that contain the six classes of foods in the right proportions. Endeavour to prepare your meals yourself so you can be aware of what you consume and at what amount you consume them.

Blood tonics should be taken moderately. Consult your physician or pharmacist when you are about to start a blood tonic for weight gain.

Stay healthy and do not forget to exercise regularly.


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