Health Benefits of Waterleaf Plant and Side Effects

Waterleaf goes by the botanical name (Talinum Triangulare). The leaf is so succulent which makes it easy to squeeze out the juice. It can be easily identified with the pink flower that is always present on top of the plant. Do you know the important Health Benefits of Waterleaf ? Waterleaf juice is loaded with a lot of nutrients which are calcium, iron, zinc, molybdenum, sodium, phosphorus, riboflavin, pectin, manganese, carotene, protein, carbohydrate, vitamin C, vitamin E, Niacin.

They are usually planted all over the world, particularly in the rainy season. They also have the potential to survive the dry season. Waterleaf juice contains a huge amount of oxalate. Because the benefits of waterleaf are many, and it contains a high nutritional value, it is advisable to always include it in our diet.

Preparation of Waterleaf Juice

  1. Detach the leaves from their stem into a container.
  2. Rinse with water in that same container.
  3. Change the water to clean and drinkable water.
  4. Cut the waterleaf into smaller pieces and squeeze it till the water content is extracted.
  5. Remember to always take the juice every morning to achieve the desired effect.

The Ten Health Benefits of Waterleaf

Below are the health benefits of waterleaf as explained below

It enhances cognition

Consumption of waterleaf increase blood flow to the brain cells. The Health benefit of the waterleaf plant is also that the leaf increase its oxygen supply as an adequate supply of nutrient to the brain makes it function effectively.

Diseases such as Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral hypoperfusion, brain death, and other geriatric-related diseases are prevented. Vitamin C in waterleaf plants helps to develop one’s cognition level.

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Blood Pressure

The easiest method of regulating blood pressure is the use of waterleaf juice. The content of waterleaf juice stabilizes the heart rate and its function, thereby reducing the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

As it is known to contain low fat, it helps to control the cholesterol level in the blood thereby controlling blood pressure and preventing other heart-related diseases such as atherosclerosis whereby there would be an accumulation of cholesterol within the blood vessels, the would affect the blood supply to vital organs in the body.

Increase Blood Supply

Waterleaf juice is very rich in vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids which increase the blood supply to the body. Waterleaf is usually recommended to pregnant women to boost the increase in their red blood cells and this prevents anemia during pregnancy.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the clotting of blood thereby increasing the distribution of oxygenated blood to vital organs in the body. The iron in waterleaf juice is effective against iron deficiency anemia.

Eye Health

The Waterleaf plant is very rich in vitamin A(also called retinol) which will enhance the functioning of the eye particularly vision in a bad light.

There is evidence to support the fact that vitamin A in waterleaf juice helps to reduce the risk of having dry eyes, cataracts, conjunctival hemorrhage, retinal disease, macular denser, and promotes proper vision.

This contributes to the health benefits of the waterleaf plant. To get the desired effect, always wash the leaf thoroughly before squeezing out the juice.

Digestion of Food

The health benefit of the waterleaf plant in the digestion of food is that the waterleaf consumed with a healthy meal is enough to aid the bowel movement.

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Gastrointestinal tract issues like irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and indigestion can be resolved because waterleaf has abundant fiber content. It also helps to control the concentration of enzymes present in the blood and prevent liver-related diseases.

Healthy Bone

The health benefits of the waterleaf plant on the skeletal system are that it contributes effectively to bone development. The Waterleaf plant is very rich in calcium and phosphorus.

Research has proven that both calcium and phosphorus complement each other to improve bone density, especially in postmenopausal women who are suffering from osteoporosis or other related diseases.

Medicinal Influence

The health benefits of waterleaf hear is its ability to cure different ailments. It contains medicinal substances such as saponin, flavonoid, alkaloids, and tannin which retain dietary benefits as well.

Studies also verify that waterleaf has a bioactive substance that promotes the healing of wounds. Waterleaf juice is the most suitable drink for people who always fall sick as it is an immune booster that helps to optimize their wellbeing.


Just like Oha leaves, The antioxidant in waterleaf helps to suppress the action of free radicals in the cell can damage membranes, and inactivate enzymes.

This can be combated by the antioxidants in waterleaf which is the health benefit of waterleaf plants. It also reverses lipid peroxidation. Research has been able to prove that waterleaf has an antioxidant effect.

Culinary Purpose

Waterleaf can be used to prepare a variety of food such as soup and stew which are very delicious. In Nigeria, most of the waterleaf soup differs in name, tribe, and method of preparation and they are ofe mgbokidi, Edikaiko, gbure, and afang soup.

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All these soups contain waterleaf in them and they can be eaten with any food of your choice. When overcooked, It tends to lose beneficial nutrients. Cooking of waterleaf helps to remove oxalate which can increase the risk of developing kidney stones.

Anti Carcinogens

Waterleaf juice contains a substance known as andrographolide compound which helps to boost the immune system.

Through this, it prevents the abnormal formation of immature cells in the body It is scientifically proven that andrographolide compound is effective again various forms of cancer which include gastric cancer leukemia, colon cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer.

Another health benefit of waterless juice is that it waterless can halt the growth of tumors in the body.

Side Effects of Waterleaf

Below are the side effects of waterleaf:

Kidney Disease

One of the side effects of waterleaf juice is that it is contraindicated in people suffering from kidney disease as it is known to contain oxalate which causes kidney stone


Excessive intake of waterleaf juice can cause gouty arthritis which will result in joint pain.


The high fiber content in waterleaf can increase gastric motility which can, in turn, cause frequent stooling.

Stomach Upset

Excessive intake of waterleaf juice is not good. It should be taken in moderation to prevent stomach upset.


Waterleaf is an important food to be added to one’s diet, but it should be taken in moderation to prevent the manifestation of its side effects.


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