Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies In Nigeria (2024)

Health Insurance companies in Nigeria are thriving this day, although not to be compared with what is obtainable outside Nigeria.

Most health insurance companies here in Nigeria do not cover some health issues and in this case, the insured individual or family has to pay for those bills.

But that notwithstanding, there are some of the top best insurance companies in Nigeria that are doing exceedingly great.

A monthly price is established and agreed upon between the insurance company and its customer, and in the event of a health issue, the insurance company will cover the customer’s medical bills.

Ever since the implementation of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) by Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) in Nigeria in 2004, there have witnessed an advancement in health insurance in Nigeria.

A health insurance business is responsible for the health risks of its covered clients. Health maintenance organizations (HMOs) are business or government organizations that are incorporated and authorized by the National Health Insurance Scheme to manage the supply of medical and healthcare services throughout the country. Throughout Nigeria, around Sixty approved HMOs remain completely operating.

Health insurance provides healthcare security as well as coverage for an insured participant’s health expenses. Out of the approximately 60 accredited health insurance companies in Nigeria, some have emerged as the best, and in the course of reading through this article, you will not just know the top best 10 health insurance companies, but also some other 5 that are doing well. Knowing them will guide you in knowing the exert one to go for.


Health Insurance Companies In Nigeria
Health Insurance Companies In Nigeria

Since the inception of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in 2004, the country’s health insurance sector has grown impressively.

As a result of this expansion, health management organizations and health insurance businesses in the country have developed quality and cheap insurance packages for their consumers – Individuals, families, and businesses who are insured now have their medical needs met, as well as full medical coverage in the event of an emergency.

Health issues are everybody’s concern; both the elderly and the young alike. And for this reason, this article will be bringing to your doorstep the comprehensive list of the top best health insurance Companies In Nigeria currently. Encompassed below is the list of the best top 10 health insurance companies in Nigeria presently:

Premium Healthcare Limited

Premium Healthcare Limited is said to be fully prepared to provide health and medical insurance services to individuals, groups, and privately and publicly owned corporate entities throughout the nation. Its headquarter is located are in Ikoyi, Lagos State.

Avon Healthcare Limited

Avon Healthcare Limited, which is based in Ikoyi, Lagos State, is similar to Premium Healthcare in that it is supposed to offer health insurance support for people, couples, families, groups, small enterprises, and public and private commercial corporations.

Most Nigerians consider its offerings to be one of the best because they are generally believed to be reasonably priced.

Healthcare International Limited

Healthcare International Limited, another variety of health maintenance firms situated in Lagos, Nigeria, similarly provides adaptable and reasonably priced healthcare and medical insurance services to a diverse customer that includes both private persons and business entities.

Total health trust limited

Total Health Trust Limited, another major health insurance organization in Nigeria with one headquarters at Palmgroove Estate in Lagos, provides high-quality medical insurance services to individuals as well as public and private corporate groups.

Even though their services are more expensive than those offered by other HMOs in the nation, you can be sure that your money is well spent on health coverage thanks to the high caliber of its offerings.

They are also the preferred health insurance provider for foreign nationals in the nation due to the caliber of their services.

Prepaid Medical Services Limited

Prepaid Medical Services Limited is a health care managing organization with main offices in Abuja that provides medical insurance to people, families, and corporate entities across Nigeria.

Integrated Healthcare Limited

Integrated Healthcare Limited, headquartered in Nigeria’s central metropolis of Abuja, provides medical insurance coverage to individuals, families, and governmental and private corporations throughout the country.

They provide emergency assistance and counseling to its clientele in addition to regular health coverage packages.

United Healthcare International Limited

United Healthcare International Limited, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, provides health insurance services to individuals, families, groups, and corporate organizations, both public and private.

Mediplan Healthcare Limited

Mediplan Healthcare Limited is a Health Management Organization based in Lagos, Nigeria, that’s been founded in 2000.

They are reported to be Nigeria’s favorite health insurance provider for small and medium-sized enterprises, having insurance options to suit a wide range of budgets.

Zuma Health Trust

Zuma Health Trust is a Health Management Organization based in Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja that provides healthcare and insurance to individuals, families, and public and private corporate groups.

Hygeia HMO Limited

Hygeia HMO Limited is a Health Management company in Marina, Lagos, Nigeria. They are believed to be an HMO that small, medium, and large-scale enterprises in Lagos and around the country choose.

Their insurance policies are claimed to be reasonably priced and supported by a large healthcare provider network across the country. Hygeia additionally offers a healthcare savings account to both corporate and private clientele.


Apart from the above listed 10 top best health insurance companies in Nigeria, there are yet some other best health insurance companies.

They have been proven to be good and reading through, you will see the list of the 5 other best health insurance companies present in Nigeria:

Metrohealth HMO Limited

Metrohealth HMO Limited is based on Lagos Island in the Nigerian state of Lagos. Their goal is supposed to be on offering their clientele speedy, reliable, tailored, and seamless healthcare and medical insurance services, regardless of age – young, middle-aged, or old.

Clearline International Limited

Clearline International Limited is one of Nigeria’s major health management and medical insurance companies. They are reported to have around 2000 healthcare providers and thirteen healthcare centers across the country.

They have been recognized for over two decades, making them one of Nigeria’s oldest HMOs, and their standards have not deteriorated since they acquired their operational license. They provide medical insurance to individuals, families, groups, and corporations. They are headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

Axa Mansard Health Insurance

Axa Mansard Health Insurance is a full-service health insurance provider, not a Health Management Organization like the others mentioned previously.

They are a popular alternative for individuals, families, and businesses looking for comprehensive and cheap health insurance plans. They are located on Lagos’s Victoria Island.

Defense Health Management Limited (DHML)

This is a Health Management Organization controlled equally by the Ministry of Defense and the Nigerian Armed Forces. It was created to meet the medical needs of the Nigerian military. It is situated in Abuja, the country’s capital.

Princeton Health Group

With a history dating back to 1999 as well as a relationship to Princeton Health Inc, an American health insurance operator with headquarters in New Jersey, Princeton Health coalition is one of the country’s earliest health management organizations. It provides health insurance services to individuals, groups, and corporate entities.


In Nigeria, there are up to sixty (60) accredited and licensed health insurance companies that are privately owned and government-owned.

Out of these 60, this article has succeeded in streamlining the top best 10 health insurance companies, alongside 5 other health insurance companies that are also doing well.

You don’t have any reason not to opt for one of these top best health insurance companies as they all have great value and coverage to offer for all incurred members.


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